Audio Geek Podcasts

Here’s a small selection of audio podcasts we think you might enjoy. If you’ve got a suggestion, feel free to send it our way!


The AudioNowcast is a pro audio podcast that covers all aspects of audio in the music, recording, film & television industries. Topics include: song writing & music marketing; recording & mixing; location sound, sound design & sound editing. You can learn more and listen to episodes here.

Beards, Cats, and Indie Game Audio

The title of the show says it all! If you’re into game audio, then check out the episodes here.

Dolby Institute Podcast Series

The Dolby Institute has released a few seasons of really cool interviews with various sound artists like Randy Thom, Anna Behlmer, Jad Abumrad, and Walter Murch. You can check it out on their website here.

Gear Club Podcast

Gear Club is hosted by John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.) and Stewart Lerman (Patti Smith, St. Vincent). Each episode of the podcast features an interview with a key player in the audio industry, and also offers tips and guidance to the next generation of engineers and artists. Check out the episodes here.

Recording Studio Rockstars

Many of you know fellow audio geek Chris Mara as the owner of Welcome to 1979 in Nashville, TN. He was featured on the Recording Studio Rockstars podcast. Vinyl mastering engineer Cameron Henry, also of Welcome to 1979, was also interviewed. You can check out Chris’s episode here and Cameron’s episode here.

The Right Scuff

The Right Scuff podcast delves into the world of post production film featuring legendary Foley artist John Roesch. Foley is the art of creating live sound effects in sync with what is happening in the film. In other words, it is the reproduction of sound effects that are added into the film or video in post-production. Read more about John and check out the episodes here.

Sound Design Live

Fellow audio geek Nathan Lively hosts this podcast aimed to help you build your career as a live sound engineer. The podcast features interviews with the leading innovators in concert, theatre, and corporate production. Submit your questions to buff.ly/Nwpsf0. Nathan Lively is a Career Coach for Audio Professionals, Podcast Consultant for Small Businesses, and Author. Check it out here.

Tape Op Podcast

The beloved recording magazine Tape Op has started a podcast series. The first episode is an interview with Brian Eno. Take a listen on the website here.

Working Class Audio


Working Class Audio features a different guest each episode, interviewed by host Matt Boudreau. Check it out for all kinds of cool insights from a wide range of people in the industry.

Viny Emergency

If you’re into vinyl, then you should check out Vinyl Emergency, a new podcast hosted by Jim Hanke. He and “a wide range of guests discuss vinyl records as well as the lives of those who collect, create or commemorate them.”

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